Franchisee Proposal for NEON BROADBAND

To be known in your area you live or work in
An office space of 250 sqft. Min to start with
Two telephone lines & a 2PC Min to start with
An minimum investment of Rs. 20 Lacs to 2CR (depending upon the city/no of Local Areas/ State /Regions.)


A highly profitable business
Exclusive line of business - wireless technology
A fast &proven system to reach profitability with ease
You get to be the co-owner of the NEON BROADBAND brand of your location
Immediate creation of capital 
100% return on investment within 6 months
Guaranteed SUCCESS.

We Offer you the revenue share ...

  • Retail Segment:
         Revenue share of 35% on retail revenue share of franchisee.
         Client Renewal Revenue Share 5% additional.
  • Corporate Segment .
         Revenue share of 15% on corporaterevenue share of franchisee.


We Offer you the Training to Setup of franchisee Network/Expansion

  • Training
  • Franchise Managers
  • Company heads & Policy makers
  • Technical & Marketing Training


Assistance (if required) in locating right point of termination
a continous supply of enquiries generated from ad campaigns
Participation in regional exhibitions
Supply of display/brochures/catalogues at subsidized prices
Supply of technical equipments at subsidized rates.

We will assist you to grow the business by providing you the latest solution in information technology at very competitive price to the retail segment and corporate segment student programs .Franchise with us with a min investment of 20 lacs Per location , to know more kindly write us on our contact us form .